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A Sluggish Maggie Popcorn

September 20, 2012

Miss Maggie Popcorn was spaded yesterday morning.  Around lunch time I got a call from Dr. Davis who indicated the procedure went well, and that she would be ready to pick up later that afternoon.  Becky got her on the way home and when I walked into the house she was curled up under the dining room table.  You could tell she did not feel well, and instead of chasing after everyone in the house she remained mostly stationary.

Today she was a hiding machine.  As the kids were getting ready for bed we could not find her, and began searching high and low.  We checked the cabinets, the closets, and every room.  Eventually I found her hiding under Julia’s crib pressed against the wall.  She put up no fight as I pulled her out, and she began purring once I had her in my arms.

She is currently curled up into a tiny cat ball on Mason’s bed.  She needs a good nights rest, and I think by tomorrow she will be back to picking on Molly and terrorizing bugs.

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