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Post-Clemson Recovery Sunday

September 23, 2012

Yesterday Tallahassee was hit by a Category 5 college football game. Tailgating commenced early and Nole fans were urged to maintain and keep their poise.  Some were able to pull it off better than others.  By the time the final second ticked off, and fireworks shot high above the victorious Seminoles, Tallahassee was in a Bacchanalian state.

This morning Mason and Julia woke up bright and early unaware mommy and daddy had partied like they were 21 the night before.  Summoning the lessons I learned as an undergrad I popped some Tylenol, guzzled a Powerade, and started my day.  Becky asked why I didn’t have a headache or feel like crap, it’s called being a trained professional.

Breakfast was on the lean side. Instead of making pancakes and bacon, I fed the kids Pop Tarts and crackers.  They were happy enough as they watched hours of DisneyJr while I watched the Noles game I DVR’d (that guy was so short on the fake punt. Damn ACC refs).

After reliving the glorious victory, I emptied the car. I am amazed everything made it into the back of the Vue, and cleaning it out was a pain.  I took the lazy route and tossed everything in the shed without organizing.  I was done before one, and resigned myself to watching the NFL for the remainder of the day.  It was a very non-productive weekend, and I loved every minute.

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