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Southpaw Skeeball

October 19, 2012

When I was small my favorite game to play at Chuck E. Cheese’s was skeeball. The first time I can remember was playing at a birthday party at the one in Manchester, NH. I do not recall if it was mine or my brothers. I do remember feeding almost all my tokens into the slot and then tossing the well worn wooden balls up the ramp.  I traded the tickets I won for a foam glider of a WWII plane with a small plastic propeller on the front.  It was pretty cool.

We recently took Mason to a birthday party at Fun Station Jr.  After saying hello to the birthday boy and getting his Dixie cup full of gold colored tokens, he made a beeline for the skeeball machines.  Each game costs two tokens, and the balls were plastic. Unlike his dad, Mason throws lefty and winged the balls sidearm up the ramp.  I thought he did pretty well for a three year old.  By the end of the birthday party he had a pile of tickets.  He could not decided what to get with them, so he picked a pile of small lollipops to split with his sister.

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