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Eggs Are Too Hard for Little Kids

October 21, 2012

This morning we let momma sleep in and watched cartoons.  Eventually the kids were hungry and I asked Mason what he wanted for breakfast.  He responded with a request for bacon and pancakes.  I went into the kitchen and put the bacon in the over. As I began to pull things out of the cabinets to make the pancakes Miss Julia walked into the kitchen.

“I help daddy!” she said as she pushed her little green kitchen stool towards the counter.

I gave her a measuring spoon and she dug it into the bag of flour.  I pour a cup into the bowl and she began to stir.  Mason came in and asked if he could help too.  I plopped him on the counter and we measured the baking soda into the bowl.  Next went the baking powder and then the oil.

“We need one egg.”

“Eggs are too hard for little kids daddy,” said Mason.

I cracked the egg into the bowl, and they took turns stirring while I poured the milk and some vanilla in.  When the batter was done we made the pancakes. Becky came in as the first ones came off the griddle.

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