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A Scary Phonecall – Miss Julia Was in a Car Accident

October 28, 2012

We packed the car up and I buckled Miss Julia in her car seat for the ride back to Monticello.  She was tired after her first FSU football game, and whined to go with “her Charlotte.”  We took her out of the car, and said she could make the short drive home in Charlotte (Nelson’s) car.

As we neared Waukeenah Becky’s phone rang. It was Charlotte. She was panicked and said they had been rear-ended in front of H.H. Gregg’s on Apalachee Parkway. We turned around and hightailed it back to Tallahassee.

When we arrived Charlotte’s Cadillac SUV was in the middle of the road.  The exhaust system was ripped off, and the rear bumped had suffered some damage.  The maroon Honda CRV’s front end was a lot worse.  Charlotte was sitting with on the curb with Miss Julia.  She was smiling and was happy to see us.

The paramedic told us she had been in the car seat and well protected.  She did not cry until they took her out.  She was not hurt, but rather upset she had to stop watching the movie in the in car DVD system.  We both gave her hugs and thanked God she was okay.

Everyone else in the car went to the hospital with various strains.  They were all released that same evening with no major injuries.  The driver of the other was ultimately arrested for DUI.  I am very grateful the accident was not worse, and that Miss Julia escaped without a scratch.

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