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Brewsday Tuesday: Fat Tire Amber Ale

October 30, 2012

I have been writing a weekly Brewsday Tuesday post since June 14, 2011.  It has been a lot of fun chronicling my beer journey.  This will be my last weekly Brewsday Tuesday post for sometime as  I’m going to tweek my blog in November. Do not worry though, when I come across an interesting beer  I will make sure to post my imbibe and write down my thoughts.  Cheers!

Name: Fat Tire Amber Ale

Brewed by: New Belgium Brewing Company

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Style/ABV: American Amber / 5.2%

Appearance: Pours a rich amber color with a nice creamy two finger head. A nice amount of lacing is left behind at this brew is drained.

Smell: Biscuity malts, sweet malts, caramel, with just a slight hint of hops.  I want to climb into this beer and go for a swim.

Taste: Sweet malts, brown sugar, caramel and a hint of creamy chocolate.  There is an underlying hop bitterness that keeps this beer balanced.

Mouthfeel: Medium with medium carbonation. Creamy.

Overall: This is one of my favorite beers.  It is so balanced and I notice new things about it with each sip.  People dismiss it as too common nowadays, but New Belgium is putting out a really nice beer.  I am happy I am close enough to the Georgia border to pick some up whenever I have a craving for a fin Amber Ale.

Final Grade: A

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