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Friends From Atlanta

November 2, 2012

Our friends from Atlanta were driving down for a visit and I waited for them arrive watching TV and tweeting.  A little after 10:15 I heard a car pull up out in front of the house.  The wiener dog was passed out on the long couch while our Jack Russell snoozed on the love seat.  The latch on the front gate clicked. Molly snored and Jackson let out a sigh. Neither of our sleepy watchdogs batted an eye or moved from their comfortable spot to see who was coming towards the house.

I got up and opened the front door and saw Angie and Travis gathering their things.  After exchanging hellos we walked inside and Travis handed me a paper bag.  Inside was a bottle of Old Crow and a bottle of Four Roses bourbon.  Talk about two different ends of the spectrum!

Angie and Travis declined to sampled either bottle as they were worn out from the long drive.  We decided to save it until tomorrow.  I fully expect the Old Crow to taste like lighter fluid.  I have much higher hopes for the bottle of Four Roses.

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