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A Scavenger Hunt at the Old State Capitol

November 3, 2012

We took Angie and Travis to Shell Oyster Bar in Tallahassee for lunch.  The  kids were amazingly well behaved, and the food was outstanding.  Before heading back to Monticello we decided to take them to the Old State Capitol.

When we got into the building we stopped at the information desk.  The lady asked Mason if he wanted to do a scavenger hunt.  He shook his head and was handed a sheet of paper and a pencil like you’d get at a mini-golf course.  To earn his prize he would need to find several items on each floor and check them off.

He started wandering in and out of the various rooms.  Periodically he’d shout that he found something on the sheet.  He found the shirt, cannon, and flag.  Becky helped him mark each items off, and by the time we had toured the capitol building.  He proudly handed the completed paper back to the lady at the information desk and was given a choice between an activity or coloring book.  He picked the first option and proudly showed it to his mom.  It was a fun afternoon, and I am happy he enjoyed touring a piece of Florida’s history.

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