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Somersaults and Squirming Toddlers

November 4, 2012

Walking in the sliding glass doors I made my way towards the back of the store with Miss Julia in tow.  Becky followed behind holding Mason’s hand.  The store was fairly quiet and we were able to stroll in and out of the aisles without fighting for space. A few minutes passed before one of the royal blue clad employees came to help.  I relayed what Becky wanted while trying to keep Mason and Julia relatively contained.

The two of them became restless and I attempted to calm them by asking if they wanted to look for a movie.  I trotted off towards the other side of the store with one on each side.  “Where are the movies at? I don’t see them,” said Mason.  We passed flat screen TVs and chatted with the DirecTV salesman before we arrived at the movie section.  This held their attention for a minute or two before they asked for their momma and we headed back the way we came.

When we returned to the computer section their fuses were coming to an end.  Mason attempted a somersault.  Julia squirmed about and wanted to dance.  Aggravation set in and we almost left.  After a stern talking to, the kids calmed down enough for us to pick out a few items.  While we paid Miss Julia posed for the sales clerks and Mason attempted to steal some of the attention back.  As we left I was very happy our shopping expedition was over, and that the tears has been kept to a minimum.

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