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Burning Up and Throwing Up

November 9, 2012

Sitting in my office my cell phone rang.  It was Mason’s big boy school.  I answered and was told he had a 101.8 degree fever.  I packed up my computer, grabbed a file, and headed back to Monticello.

When I arrived Mason was laying down on the small bed in the back of the building.  Miss Connie was holding his hand and he looked to be half asleep.  I picked him up and walked towards the car.  He was burning up.

I buckled him into his car seat.  He looked at me and began throwing up.  It went all over his Braves jackets and I dodged a blast as I attempted to pull him out of the seat. His arm got caught in the strap and vomit went all over the inside of the car and down the side of the door.

Eventually I got him free and I stood him next to the car.  Pancakes and curdled milk pooled in the street. An elderly couple with limited vision drove past.  I rubbed Mason’s back as he wretched.  The couple, oblivious to what was happening, smiled and waved.

When we got home I put him in the shower while I cleaned up his cloths.  Clean and in his pajamas I put him on the couch and tucked him under his softy.  He sucked his thumb and watched cartoons while I cleaned out the car.

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