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A Collection

November 11, 2012

This morning I was moving the Halloween decorations while the little people were in the backyard.  Mason was crouched under the swing set and Miss Julia was bopping around their turtle sandbox.  Periodically he would say something to her and hold up something in her hand.  I had no idea what they were doing, but they were being quiet and well behaved.

By the time I finished putting the decorations away and neatening the shed up the kids had already skipped back to the house.  While brushing my teeth little man strolled into the bathroom.

“Dad, come see my coe-wection.”

“Your what?”

“My coe-wection.” (collection!)

“Okay. What did you collect?”

“Come see.”

He led me into the living room and towards one of the end tables.  He proudly opened one of the drawers.  Sitting at the bottom of the drawer was a pile of acorns.

“Look dad!”

“Wow! You collected acorns outside?”

“Yep. Sissy helped me.”

I chuckled and watched him beam over his collection.  Later that night I found one of the stray acorns when I stepped on one in the dark.  At least he wasn’t collecting sharp rocks or broken pieces of glass.

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