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Acorns, Christmas, and Batman

November 12, 2012

This morning walking out the door little man asked if he could bring a couple of acorns from his coe-wection to school.  I told him sure, and he raced back into the house to grab a few.  Buckling him into his car seat he looked up at me.

“Daddy, do squirrels eat acorns?”

“They do.”

“Did I take the squirrels breakfast?”

“No little man, there are plenty of acorns to go around.”


This evening we were eating dinner and little man was talking about all the toys he saw in his “menu” (a Wal-Mart toy catalog I picked up this afternoon).

“And I want the matchcars set, and the Spider-Man mask.”


A looks came over his little face.

“I just remembered, Santa can only bring me one of those gifts.”

“He may bring you more than one if you’ve been very good. Have you?”

“Yes. I want it to be Christmas now. When does it come?”

“In a couple of months.”

“That’s going to take all day to get here!”


We were looking through his “menu” and little man was asking me to read the names of the toys.

“Those are Legos.”

“I like Legos!” (He’s never played with Legos)

“What’s that?”

“That is a Batman car.”

“Did you ever have a Batman car when you were little?”

“No, I did not. I liked Legos.”

“You didn’t have a Batman car daddy? That is so sad.”

Later that evening while I was giving his sister a bath he walked in with his old Batman computer game and handed it to me.

“Daddy, here, you can have my Batman toy since you didn’t have one when you were little, okay?”

He walked out before I could give him a hug. We have a very sweet little boy.

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