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Brave, Pizza and Popcorn

November 16, 2012

Getting ready this morning I asked the tiny Bonfantis what they wanted to do later that evening.  They both looked at me. Julia said something about “Cinderelly” while Mason played with a car.

“How about we watch a new movie and get some pizza?” I asked.

“With pep-pa-roni?” Mason asked.


They both cheered and were all smiles as I drove them to Big Boy & Big Girl School.

When I got out of work I ordered pizza from Marco’s and zipped up to Target to buy Brave.  I also got a bottle of wine for the momma, and a jar of popcorn kernels.

When I walked in the door I felt like a conquering hero.  Jules came up and hugged my leg, while Mason asked what I had brought home. They were both thrilled with the pizza, and were excited when they saw what movie we were going to watch.

We ate in the living room. Mason was snuggled up on his momma, while Miss Julia bounced around eating the cheese off the pizza and giving the crust to one of the dogs.  By the end of the night both kids were piled onto my lap.  They were full of pizza and happy.  Mason told me it was the best night. I agreed with him and would not have wanted to be anywhere else.

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