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FSU vs the School from Down South

November 24, 2012


Today was the much anticipated game between Florida State and the school from down south.  Loading up the car to tailgate in Lot 14 was a bittersweet task as it was the last one of the season.  In addition to meeting Julie and Joe we were going to meet Cait (@nolanolegal), her husband Dave (@davegladow) and their little girl.  We  ran a little behind, but by the time we arrived we had everything set up.


In the days leading up to the tailgate Cait and I planned the menu.  Joe brought mini-spanikopita and Swamp Juice (a neon blue concoction full of liquor in honor of the school down south).  I brought pears with pancetta, blue cheese and pecans with a honey drizzle, boiled shrimp, and Garnet and Gold gooey butter cake.  Cait went all out and brought mufaletta dip, artisinal grilled sausages, red velvet madelines and homemade cocktail sauce.  They also toted a selection of local NOLA beers.


Everyone had a good time drinking, eating, and looking forward to the game.  Lot 14 was packed with tents stretching from one end of the lot to the other.  Flags whipped in the breeze.  Kids threw footballs.  It was a poster for a perfect Saturday afternoon in the South.  By the time it was ready to head into the game the spread had mostly been devoured and everyone was feeling pretty good due to the brews and Swamp Juice.

Pears with pancetta, blue cheese, pecans, and a honey drizzle

As for the game, the Noles came out flat and got outplayed by the school from down south.  The final score was 37 to something.  We may have lost the game, but we had a great time, met some really cool people, and won the tailgate.  Go ‘Noles!

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