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Mason’s First Concert

November 30, 2012


Mason has been going to music lessons on Tuesdays.  They are offered by the Methodist Church, and the kids learning singing and bell ringing.  He has really enjoyed it, and his teacher says he is a quick learner and very good.  He has liked it so much, he has been asking to take ferpanio (piano) lessons.


Tonight was his first concert.  We got there a little before 7 o’clock and Mason went back with his class.  Shortly after the top of the hour the 3 and four year old class came onto the stage.  They sang a song and then did two bell ringing songs.  Mason was super serious during the first couple of songs, and then sailed through the last one with his hand in his pocket as he rang his bell on cue.  All of the kids were adorable, and I loved watching Mason.


After Mason was done we watched the rest of the kids perform.  When each performance was done Miss Julia would turn to me and ask me if it was her turn.  Finally, as the show concluded I led her up to the stage where she grabbed a bell and used it as a microphone.  She is such a ham!

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