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An Early Flu Season

December 8, 2012

An early Christmas present arrived at our house this week, flu season! Mason came down with it first on Thursday and was hit with a 103.5 fever.  He slept for most of the day and was babied by Becky.  She took him to the doctor’s on Friday and was prescribed Tamiflu.  This morning he was 100% better, bouncing around the house and wanting to play outside.

We hoped Julia would avoid it, and in an effort to limit her exposure we sent her to Meme’s house last night for a sleepover.  The plan failed, and this morning she woke up with a fever.  Charlotte brought her home around 7 a.m.  and by 9:15 a.m. we were on our way to Urgent Care.

She refused to leave the blanket she brought back from her Meme’s house (a queen size comforter), in the car.  I wrapped her up in it while were waited to see the doctor.  She sucked on her fingers and snuggled.  Amazingly, we were called back on time and a quick swab test confirmed she had Influenza A.  The doctor prescribed her Tamiflu too, and I hope she responds to it as well as Mason.

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