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Feast of the Seven Fishes

December 24, 2012

It is Italian tradition to eat fish on Christmas Eve (though the exact number can vary). Growing up I remember my great-grandmother soaking baccala in her apartment. It looked rather unappetizing. My family for reasons unknown to me never partook in the tradition, but I decided to adopt it for our little branch last year. Following 6 o’clock services at church Charlotte, Becky, the kids, and I headed back to the house for the Feast of the Seven Fishes. On the menu were steamed mussels in white wine with garlic and onions:


Local clams sauteed in heirloom tomatoes:


Boiled gulf shrimp:


Seared sea scallops:


Mahi mahi and black snapper with mixed citrus:


And boiled lobster:


We had a great time snacking on each dish as it came out of the kitchen and watching Christmas specials. It was a wonderful night and a great way to spend Christmas Eve.

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  1. January 4, 2013 10:05 pm

    We’ve spent many a Christmas Eve with friends in Fort Lauderdale and they prepare this feast. Awesome! I’m not Italian and I love it!

    • January 4, 2013 10:13 pm

      Awesome! My Baptist wife looked at me like I was crazy when I said I wanted to do this. Church at six kind of kills the flow, but it’s unlikely we’ll be attending midnight mass anytime soon! 🙂

  2. January 5, 2013 10:42 am

    send me your recipe for the scallops because I hate seafood (yes, I’m weird) but Seth has been begging for some scallops lately! 🙂

    • January 5, 2013 9:29 pm

      Buy some great sea scallops from Mike’s or Southern. Heat a pan over medium high heat. Little oil in the pan, little salt and pepper on the scallops. Toss them in the pan and sear until browned. Turn over and repeat. Finish with some fresh lemon juice. Done!

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