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The Aeroplane Flies High, Looks Left, Turns Right

December 27, 2012


Mason received an Air Hogs Wind Flyer for Christmas from his granddaddy.  It was raining off and on on Christmas Day, so we put off the first flight until Wednesday.  After depositing Julia at meme’s house we headed for a field near the old high school.  Mason crawled into my lap and watched as I took the plane out of its packaging and put batteries in the charging unit.  After 30 second, the plant was ready to fly and I handed it to Mason.  He promptly threw it nose first into the hard ground.




I picked it up, gave it another quick charge, and tossed it into the wind.  It flew high, turned right and then nosedived.  Mason squealed with delight at seeing his plane take flight.  We continued to charge and toss the plane.  By the end of our time in the field we had it flying a pretty good distance with the wind and landing on its belly instead of the prop.  Mason eventually wanted to head home because he was cold, and we packed the plane up for another afternoon.


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