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The Day After

December 30, 2012

Chris, Susie, and the girls had come over the night before and spent the night.  Susie is for all practical purposes Becky’s sister, and was needed at our house.  The girls and Sam (who was ferried across the state by her fiance David) kept an eye on the kids while we tried to comes to terms with what happened yesterday afternoon on I-10.  The FHP told us Charlotte had drifted off the highway near mile marker 317, traveled 690 feet, struck a pine tree, and died on the scene of the accident.  The trooper I spoke with had been on the force for 30 years and believed Charlotte had suffered a medical event (stroke or heart attack) before striking the tree.  We also learned she was in Gainesville.  Our grief was not lessened by knowing more of the facts surrounding the crash.  In fact, it only led to more questions.

After a sleepless night, people began streaming into our house hours after daylight.  Angie arrived from Hilliard.  Carol and Kelly came in from Jacksonville.  Tanya traveled down from Columbus, GA.  Kaitlin stopped in.  Our friend Kirk came by the house with a ham.  More church members stopped.  Carl and Heidi made an appearance.  Millie and Nikki drove down from Vidalia, GA.  Our house was packed with people giving their condolences all day.  The kindness and love extended to our family was overwhelming.  We are blessed.

I managed to keep the tears in check until we were sitting around the kitchen table and Kelly played a video.  It was made up of pictures from her Facebook page and covered the last couple of years.  Living two minutes from our house Charlotte was involved almost everything we did, from concerts at school to holidays and vacations.  Her loss leaves a huge hole in our little family.  Tears streamed down my face.  Beers evaporated from the fridge.  It became a rather messy night, but started the healing process in some  odd bourbon soaked manner.

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  1. January 6, 2013 5:43 am

    So sorry to hear of your loss Mike & Family. Truly.

    Chris Hickman aka frotuss

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