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Charlotte’s Funeral

January 2, 2013


This morning we got the kids ready and drove over to Hilliard, Florida for Charlotte’s funeral.  We were among the first to arrive at Buford Grove Baptist Church and were met by several family members and friends.  Becky was in good spirits and spent her time leading up to the ceremony organizing things and greeting the 250+ people who filed into the sanctuary.  We received lots of hugs, pats on the back, and kind words.  I am very happy to see how many people came out to pay their respects, and really appreciated seeinge several people from our church in Miccosukee, Florida make the long ride over.

Prior to the funeral a brief viewing was held.  We were unsure if Mason should see his meme.  She did not look like she did when she was alive.  She did not look bad, but rather that the real Charlotte was somewhere else and all we were left with was an empty shell.  Mason clung to my leg and would not let go.  He whined and we eventually asked if he wanted to see his grandma.  He said yes and I brought him to the front.  He looked at her, took it in, said his goodbye, and then asked to go play.  Kids are resilient.

The service was beautiful.  Becky’s cousin and his wife sang two songs, while Peyton’s great-uncle played the piano and also sang.  Pastor Greg from Indian Springs delivered the eulogy, and was wonderful.  Peoples’ emotions ran from crying to laughing.  He also read the same bible verse I read at my Nanu’s funeral.  Following the service the church put on a lunch for those in attendance.  It was good country cooking and we were so thankful for all the love and hospitality we were shown at Buford Grove.

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