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Let’s Have A Tournament

January 8, 2013

Mason loves his Matchbox race track. Loves it.  His current favorite thing is to hold tournaments.  He takes two cars, places them at the top of the ramp and then lets them run down to the bottom.  The winner advaces, the loser gets tossed into a pile.

The same cars usually get picked for his tournament.  Some of them he knows will not make the cut, but when they are at the top he hopes against hope that somehow it will cross the line first.

My job as he whittles the field is to sit in front of the ramp and collect the cars.  I also remind him to reset the finish line flag after each race.  He loves having me play with him and help him move the tournament towards the end.  When we get to the championship he lights up, and as soon as the fastest cars crosses the he wants to do it all over again.

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