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Painting in the Yard

January 18, 2013

For Christmas Mason got an easel that included a painting set. He loves to draw and paint at Big Boy School and has been asking to paint at the house for some time now.  With everything that happened at the end of the year finding the time has been a challenge.  This past weekend it was gorgeous and after spending some time with friends I set the easel up in the backyard and let him paint until his little heart was content.

He did not want to get paint on his pants, so he stripped down and painted in his underwear.  I sat and drank a beer on the back steps as one masterpiece after another flew from his brush and onto the paper.  He painted two rainbows and told me they were for his momma and me.  He was very proud of his work.

Sharing is hard for a 4-year old, but after painting several pieces Mason let Julia have a try while he ran around kicking a soccer ball.  Her approach is to apply as much paint as possible until it soaks through the paper.  She is currently in her black/gray/brown phase.

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