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Cat #3: Apple Juicey (a.k.a. AJ)

January 22, 2013

With Charlotte’s passing we became the owners of a third cat. I went over the day after her death and tried to coax him into the cat carrier.  I was unsuccessful, and he was eventually trapped by Becky and Steve.  At first he was really skittish and spent most of his day underneath the kids’ beds.  The longer he was here, however, the friendlier he became.  Of the three cats, he is by far the most loving.  He is attached to one of us in the morning, and I have to be careful not to trip over him when I walk through the house.  He also likes to eat. He is not even a year old and is larger than Sadie Mae and our midget cat (and his sister) Maggie Popcorn.  If he keeps growing he could rival the size of our friends’ cat growing up, Fred.  One thing he does have in common with our other cats, is he is a horrible hunter.  When he is outside he usually lays in the grass and pays zero attention to the squirrels or other small animals racing around the yard.  I am happy we have him though, as he is a reminder of Charlotte and Mason absolutely adores him.

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