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A Fighting Chance

January 29, 2013

One of Mason’s favorite ride at Disney was Pirate’s of the Caribbean.  After floating through animatronic scenes of pirate debauchery his mom decided to arm our four year old with a plastic sword.  Since its hard to have a proper sword fight with only one sword, before we left the happiest place on earth we doubled down and picked up a second sword.  We figured if he’s going to go after Julia, she might as well be armed.

His new favorite game is pirates, which consists of sword fighting.  He’s Jack Sparrow and I am Captain “Barbobo.” He is actually pretty good at it, and due to his height likes to go for the knees.  If he catches me on the leg, as part of the game I have to hop on one leg.  When he gets the other, I have to be “his size” until he can finish me off.  There is a Monty Python joke in there somewhere.

Who knows where his current love of pirates and sword fights will lead? I told him there is a sport called fencing where people use swords to score points.  He seemed pretty impressed.  Princeton fencing here we come!

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