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A Convoy of Tiny Men

February 4, 2013


Following a bath Mason wanted to play Lego City. I grabbed the bin from under his bed and watched him play while Miss Julia sat on my lap sucking her fingers. He lined up his jail truck (police van, garbage truck, and fuel truck in a line and started driving them down one edge of the living room rug.

“Where are your trucks going?” I asked.

“They’re in a y(l)ine going to y(l)unch at the eating place,” he replied.

“What about the two pirates and the doctor?”

He looked at them for a moment before attaching them to the top of the garbage truck.

When the convoy of Legos arrived near the television he asked me to help get his tiny men out of their trucks so thy could all eat. Moments later a small congregation of Lego men were lined up under the TV enjoying a tiny Lego man meal.

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  1. The Cornish Hens permalink
    February 5, 2013 11:54 am

    Just catching up on your blogs, Mike. Get ready for the Cornish Invasion. ETA – 1-2 days.

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