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Tea Party Snacks

April 29, 2013

When I walkws through the front door tonight the first words out of Miss Julia’s mouth were “Hi daddy! Want to play tea party with me?” T-ball had been cancelled and we were having leftovers, so I told her sure.  She squealed as she ran into her room to get her guest in order.  I decided to get us some tea party snacks.

I returned with a small pile of Skittles in a ceramic bowl.  She had placed the tea set on her pink rug and arranged Mickey, two American Girl dolls, Lemondrop and the creepy looking baby around the rug.

“Sit down daddy! Let’s play tea party!”

Playing tea party consists of sipping fake tea and talking to Miss Julia about her day.  She also rations the snacks while my job is to pick up any of the guest who flop over during the proceeding.

“Here is a tea party snack daddy,” she said as she handed me a slightly warm candy.  She stuffed several into her mouth as Mason walked into her room.

“No! You can’t play tea party. This is a game for girls, not boys. You’re a boy.”

“Daddy’s a boy. I want snacks,” he replied.

He sat in my lap and I asked Miss Julia to give her brother a Skittle.  She handed him one and then stuffed all of the remaining Skittles in her mouth and ran to her hiding place.

“Oh man! I didn’t get any daddy!” Mason said as he left the room.

I stayed to make sure she didn’t choke on the candies.  She of course had put too many in her mouth and a dark purple stream of sugar trickled out of her mouth. She alleviated this issue but spitting a few of the mashed Skittles in the cup. It was a very ladylike ending to the tea party.

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