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I Want A Dandelion Too

April 30, 2013

Leaving for school this morning I noticed a bright yellow dandelion sitting in the middle of the front lawn.  I pointed it out to Julia and she ran over and picked it to bring to Big Girl School.  Mason  caught wind of his sister’s treasure and burst into tears.

“I want a dandelion too! I want to bring one to school!” he sobbed in the front yard as big tears rolled down his cheeks. I took in the scene with my arms full of pre-school and work items.  I scanned the yard, there had to be another weed flower he could pick.  Of course, the one time I wanted to see multiple dandelions on my lawn it was clear.

I coaxed him into the car and told him not to worry.  Surely we’d find one on the way to school! Driving down my street I remembered my neighbors yard was loaded with them and she usually left before me.  I pulled next to the curb to grab a few off her lawn when she pulled around the corner.  I quickly slammed the door and gave her a sheepish wave as she wondered why I was on the wrong side of the road.  I was glad I avoided having to explain why I was picking dandelions off her front lawn.  Anything I would have said would have come off as odd.  And I would have been pegged for the neighborhood weirdo.

Undeterred we continued on the route to school.  As we neared our destination I spotted a single dandelion in front of a beige house.  The driveway was empty, and there were no other cars on the road.  With a quick flick of the wrist I had the flower in my hand and ran back to the car.

“Here you go buddy.”

“A dandelion! Thank you so much daddy! Look sissy, I have one too!” he beamed.

When we got to school he put his flower in his cubbie to keep it from getting lost.

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  1. May 1, 2013 9:49 pm

    When I saw the title for this post, I figured it couldn’t be a restaurant review (not that those are bad!). What a great story. Good job, dad, recognizing that it was important to your son. People accused me of giving in too much when my kids were that age but I guess time will tell; I figure a little unconditional love rarely hurts.

    • May 1, 2013 9:51 pm

      I agree with you! What is the sense of having him all worked up to start his day over a flower? It was (relatively) simple enough to find one for him. Unconditional love is a good thing.

      P.S. My next review will be up on Sweet Tea & Bourbon tonight at midnight! 🙂

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