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Mother’s Day 2013

May 12, 2013

A rare family portrait

Happy Mother’s Day! Unless past years where I waited until the last minute, panicked, and then tried to cobble together a decent present for Becky, I planned ahead.  Keeping her from opening the various boxes that arrived at our house was tough, and by the end of the week my closet looked liked a UPS shipping office.  The kids and I got her some very nice bubble bath, personalized stationary, and a massage from a spa up in Thomasville.  We put all of the presents in a pretty bag and topped it off with a curly bow.  She was thrilled and loved everything.

Photos 731

Our future equestrian

We then went to brunch as a family at Honey Lake Plantation in Madison County.  We met up with my friend Joe and his family.  The food was great, and after we ate there were a variety of activities for the kids to try.  Mason fished in a small pond while Becky and Miss Julia took a tour of the grounds.  While they were driving around Mason hooked a fish. As he tried to reel it in the monster snapped his line.  The boy had his first official fish story to tell his buddies at school and he beamed from ear to ear.

Photos 730

Angling to catch a big one

On our way back to Monticello we took the long way home through Ashville.  The drive was very pretty, and we had a relaxing rest of the afternoon.  Becky said she had a great Mother’s Day, and I am happy we could make it a good one!

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