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Playing the Mason Rules of Baseball

May 13, 2013

Mason’s new favorite show to watch in the mornings is Quick Pitch on the MLB Network. If I am not in the room he will periodically come and find me and give me an update.

“Hey dad! The Angels lost.”

“Cool. Thanks buddy.”

“Hey dad! The Braves lost!”

“That’s not good.”

“Hey dad…”

Watching baseball has altered the way he wants to play in the back yard. He doesn’t want to hit off a tee, and instead wants to play like the guys on TV. His rules for baseball are interesting to say the least:

Pitching to him was okay, and he actually connected on a few. When it was his turn to pitch I was doing my best cricket batsman imitation. I also got one strike while he got 11.

Mason also had a unique interpretation of the bases. First was our garden, second the shed, and third the frisbee in front of shed. He was also allowed to tackle me while I had to wait until he rounded third before I could attempt to tag him.

We had fun playing baseball. Mason won 14-3 and we went in the house and made some fresh lemonade.

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