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The Jaguars Come to Tallahassee

June 18, 2013

Tonight the 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars Caravan came to the Governor’s Square Mall in Tallahassee. I met the kids and Becky, our friend Seth and his two oldest kids to get some pictures and autographs of the Jags players.  We were among the first people in line but as the starting time of the event approached the line grew and grew before it snaked towards the department store, near a coffee shop, and towards the main area of the mall.

Photos 416

The team mascot, Jackson de Ville, came out first and started firing up the crowd by tossing out beads, t-shirts, and messing around with the DJ.  I was holding Miss Julia when a black t-shirt literally fell into my arms. Seth also snagged one, and we both caught beads for the kids who valued them like they were encrusted with diamonds.

Photos 432

Jacksonville legend Tony Boselli came out next and with the assistance of the Roar of the Jaguar (cheerleaders) continued to pump the crowd up.  Finally the players came on stage, including one of my favorite Seminoles, Lonnie Pryor.  Mike Harris, and Denard Robinson.  Mason was shy getting their autographs, but Miss Julia was ready to sign up to be a cheerleader and head off to Jax.  It was a fun evening, and after dinner at Buca di Bepo (meh) we headed back to the ‘Cello.

Photos 462

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