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Colonial Park Cemetery – Savannah, Georgia

June 24, 2013

Photos 738

Becky loves exploring old cemeteries.  The first place we visited was Bonaventure Cemetery on the Wilmington River, and the last place we visited before leaving Savannah was the Colonial Park Cemetery.  This particular burying ground opened in 1750 and is the final resting place to all sorts of famous Georgians including former Governors, Revolutionary War soldiers, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  It was peaceful, well kept and interesting to stroll about the headstones and crypts.

The eeriest part of the cemetery, however, was the back wall where numerous headstones were mounted to the brick wall.  I am not sure if these were displaced over the years, or destroyed during the Yankee occupation of Savannah.  Whatever the reason, seeing them lined up away from the bodies of those whose names were chiseled into the smooth rock was disconcerting.

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