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Sand Gnat Hat

June 25, 2013

Before we left for Savannah I asked little man what he wanted us to bring back.

“Do they have a baseball team?”

“They actually do.”

“What are they called?”

“The Savannah Sand Gnats.”

“I want a Sand Gnat hat.”

I figured this would be an easy enough request to fulfill.  Surely oodles of places would sell Sand Gnat gear.  I was so wrong.  Becky and I spent an hour in a local mall looking for a hat before we located a fitted black one that was ten sizes too big for Mason and costs $40.00.  Of course we bought it because we were not going back to Monticello empty-handed.

On our way out of town we stopped by River Street to pick up some candy and t-shirts.  The first shop we walked into had a green Sand Gnat hat (adjustable) and a matching shirt.  Long story short, we picked up both, returned the overpriced fitted hat, and had a very happy little boy when we arrived home.  Later that afternoon we played baseball in the backyard.  Mason wore his Sand Gnats gear and beamed from ear to ear.

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