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Miss Julia’s First Dance Recital

June 28, 2013

Photos 802

Becky decided to sign Miss Julia up for dance camp at the Thomasville Cultural Center.  Our little girl is spirited, and we wondered how she would adjust to being in a new structured environment.  The first day she was clingy, and was not happy to see her mom leave.  The following days, however, her inner diva came out and she loved learning all kinds of dance from her teachers.  We knew at the end of the week there would be a recital, and asked Miss Julia what her class was planning.  Her reply was always, “it’s a mystery!” as she sung to herself and twirled about the kitchen or her bedroom.

Photos 807

Today I took an extended lunch break and met Becky in Thomasville to watch the performance.  The recital has a circus theme, and Miss Julia had the only speaking role out of all of her class. She strode onto the stage with confidence and came up to the microphone in front of 200 people.  “Popcorn! Peanuts! Cracker Jacks! Coke!” she said into the mic before running off to join her fellow 3 year olds in matching pink tutus.  She is such a confident little girl!

Photos 816

The rest of the recital was an exercise in cuteness.  Miss Julia tumbled, pranced, and danced around stage. At the end of each turn she went to the end of the stage and curtsied. This drew “oh how cutes” and “look at that little girl,” from the crowd.  That’s our Miss Julia!

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