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4th of July – 2013 Edition

July 4, 2013

Photos 891

Happy 4th of July from a rain soaked Monticello, Florida! The yearly firework display was cancelled yesterday due to anticipated rain and when I woke up this morning Tallahassee was already getting pounded with storms.  Oddly the rain skirted mostly to our west until the skies opened up in the afternoon.  By this time the kids had played on the swings, chased each other around the freshly mowed grass, and danced to Mason’s iTunes playlist.

Photos 892

Despite the rain, we grilled out and drank beers under the patio umbrella.  My friend Joe joined us and together we watched the rain fall and chatted while the burgers and hot dogs cooked.  Mason and Julia joined in the fun, and since there was no thunder or lighting they raced around the backyard getting wet and enjoyed every glorious moment of summertime rain.

Photos 896

By the time it got dark the rain subsided and we were able to light some sparklers I picked up from Winn Dixie.  Mason and Jules loved watching them glitter and thankfully the evening ended with no major injuries.  It may have been a soggy day, but we made the best of it and had a pretty good 4th of July.

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