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Jacksonville Zoo

July 6, 2013

This morning we planned to go to the Tallahassee Museum but the forecast called for rain (as it has the past couple of weeks).  Instead, we decided to make the short drive over to the Jacksonville Zoo.  Becky and I woke the kids up and only told them we were going on an adventure.  This resulted in Miss Julia starting to sing a “We’re Going on a Adventure!” song while Mason repeatedly asked what we were doing with our day.  On the drive towards the highway we filled them in on our plan and they beamed from ear to ear.

Photos 987

Two hours later we arrived and made our way into the zoo.  We always run out of time before we visit the back section of the zoo, so this time we started in Asia with the Kimono Dragons and worked our way towards the front. The zoo had a special exhibit on dinosaurs, and as we walked through Mason was petrified.  He refused to take a picture with the animatronic lizards and was started when they jumped out of the bushes.  At the end he exclaimed it was “pretty cool” and told us he wanted to walk through again.  Meanwhile, Miss Julia enjoyed walking through the butterfly enclosure.  She chased after the butterflies and tried to open the doors on a tiny fairy house hidden amongst the flowers.  This of course drew the attention of a staff member.  Miss Julia is lucky she’s adorable.

The rest of the afternoon was full of Miss Julia dashing around a water fountain, a carousel ride, penguins, sno-cones, giraffes, petting stingrays and a lazy train ride.  We all had a wonderful day, and as we loaded up the kids into the car they were both exhausted and fell asleep.  Cross another item off the Bonfanti Summer 2013 Bucket List.

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