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Jackie Robinson’s Birthplace

July 20, 2013

Photos 1448

We watched 42 this week.  It was a very good movie and told the story of Jackie Robinson breaking Major League Baseball’s color barrier.  Spurred by the movie, and a recent Twitter conversation with our friend, we decided to visit Jackie Robinson’s birthplace.  He was born on January 31, 1919 just south of Cairo, Georgia on Hadley Ferry Road.  Armed with the Google Map app we navigated our way towards his first home.

Initially I made a wrong turn onto County Road 93.  After explaining to Mason that we could turn around we found the correct road.  Less than a mile on the left hand side stood the marker and all that remained of the home, a chimney surrounded by a chain link fence.  The house burned down in 1996 and I thought no one considered preserving it before it was consumed by fire.  The property is now owned by a family member, and several rose bushes were planted around the chimney and gate.

After taking a couple of pictures, and giving Mason a brief history lesson on the importance of Jackie Robinson we headed back towards the Birdsong Nature Center for our next adventure.

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