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Birdsong Nature Center

July 21, 2013

Photos 1466

After seeing Turbo we decided to drive around Thomas County and try to find Jackie Robinson’s birthplace.  While searching for the marker we stumbled upon the Birdsong Nature Center.  It was on the bucket list Becky created for the kids’ summer vacation, and we decided to check it out.  Since it rained most of the morning (and early afternoon) we were the Center’s only visitors.

Photos 1454

We started our adventure in the bird room of the old plantation house.  It has a floor to ceiling window had a variety of feeders, water features, and trees for birds of all sorts to visit.  The kids sat quietly (for the most part) and watched cardinals, blue jays, hummingbirds, and tufted titmouses zip on and off feeders.  It was a beautiful setting and it reminded me of watching birds with my Aunt Lois and Rachel when I was a little kid.

Photos 1456 Our next adventure was to a small pond through Holly Woods.  The path was mowed, but Miss Julia was determined to stray into the high grass.  Becky was convinced it hid all sorts of venomous snakes just waiting to strike.  We made our way to the pond without incident and discovered the walkway between the two overflowing with water from the upper pond.  Miss Julia tossed her walking stick into the rushing water and then asked for me to retrieve it for her.  I declined for fear of being eaten up by a gator, and made her another from a fallen branch.     Photos 1463 Photos 1469 Photos 1470Photos 1482

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  1. Cynthia Leonard permalink
    July 23, 2013 11:50 am

    What a lovely area. I love animals and birds and take pictures of them whenever I can. We havve chipmunks, deer wild turkeys with eight baby chicks,, badgers.

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