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2013 Bryan(t) Family Reunion

July 27, 2013

Mase & Me

Today we packed up the kids and headed off to White Springs, FL for the annual Bryan(t) family reunion.  As usual there was a ton of delicious food including fried fish, stews, numerous kinds of vegetables, and tons of desserts.  I was glad I skipped breakfast so I  could fill up on some good North Florida Cracker cooking.

It was the first family reunion we attended since Charlotte passed away, and it felt weird not having her there.  Mason and Julia said they missed their meme, but thankfully their cousins came and they spent the majority of the afternoon chasing one another around outside and performing on the stage behind the auditorium.

The most interesting part of the day was listening to Becky’s Great-Uncle James, who is 94, recount stories about the family.  The one surrounding the trial of a member of the family on murder charges, and how some fancy lawyering spared him a conviction, made me happy Becky was recording the stories for posterity.

Pudding & Becky

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