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Hunting for Fairies with Miss Julia

August 3, 2013

Miss Julia the brave fairy hunter.

Age 3 is an awesome time.  Miss Julia’s days are full of ballerinas, tea parties, and fairies.  Her eyes are full of wonder and she loves bringing us into her exciting world.  Somehow or another the idea recently popped in my head to take Miss Julia on a fairy hunt.  When I asked her if she wanted to go, Becky gave me a mom look loaded with “whatever you’re doing, this better be good, or I will hurt you.”  I confess I made the entire thing up as I went, and in the end she had a wonderful time.

Miss Julia’s response to going on a fairy hunt was a resounding “YES!” coupled with giggling and happy screams.  I told her she needed to get dressed and she selected her most fairy-like outfit she could think of; her ballerina dress, pink Hello Kitty wellies, and her pink Mickey Mouse ears.  I told her we needed something to lure the fairies out of their hiding places, and we dropped a box of sugar cubes into her pink monogrammed bag.  Before heading out we grabbed Masey’s lantern.

Once outside we began walking around the yard looking for fairies.  I hoped we would run into a firefly or two, but there were none to be found.  Instead we crept around with Miss Julia calling out to the fairies, and then telling me to be quiet so I would not scare them away.  When she would see a light from the other end of the yard she’d say “Look daddy! A fairy,” and we’d run to investigate.

Our search was unsuccessful, but before we went inside I told her to leave some sugar cubes on the front steps for the fairies to find.  She carefully lined up three small sugar cubes before telling the hidden fairies to have a good night.  It was adorable.

The next morning she woke up to find the sugar cubes were missing, and in there place were three pennies.  She was thrilled and declared we needed to go on another fairy hunt as soon as possible.

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