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Making Icebox Cake

September 9, 2013

Growing up I remember my mom making it with graham crackers and pudding, two of the kids favorite things.  Tonight after dinner I whipped up an icebox cake.  The little people helped me mix the pudding, layer the crackers, and clean the bowls.  Of the three, I think they enjoyed the last item the most. Below is the recipe for one of the easiest desserts I know:

Mama B’s Icebox Cake

– 2 boxes instant pudding
– 1 box graham crackers (we use the honey flavored)
– 8 oz whipping cream
– 2 tsp sugar
– 1/4 tsp vanilla extract

– Mix up the pudding according to the instructions.
– Grab a pan (I use a 9×9) and begin with a layer of graham crackers. Alternate between layers of pudding and graham crackers ending with pudding.
– Whip cream with a few teaspoons of sugar and a dash of vanilla extract.
– Place in the fridge and allow to set. Top with whipped cream and serve.

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