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RIP Apple Juicy

September 16, 2013

Tonight I was making pickled okra for a friend.  I forget my cutting board at the house and drove back to pick it up.  When I pulled in front of the house I saw Apple Juicy lying in the middle of the road.  This was very odd, because he usually lies on the side to sun himself.  I walked over and noticed his black and white fur was surrounded by a pool of blood. Someone had hit him.  His eyes were lifeless and mine welled up with tears.

I ran inside to tell Becky without tipping off the kids.  She ran outside and started squalling.  I got a pair of latex gloves and a plastic bag.  I lifted Apple Juice into the bag.  He was still warm.  I placed him in the shed and told Becky I would bury him when I got home.  I was pretty sad since it was the first pet, mine or the kids, that had ever been killed by a car.

I went back to finish the okra and Steve came to bury Apple Juicy under the live oak tree in our back yard.  The kids held a little funeral for him.  I am sad for Mason and for Becky. they loved that cat, and it held a special place for them since it was Charlotte’s.  He annoyed me with his loud meowing at 5:45 a.m., and the way he would try and trip me while carrying his bag of cat food, but I am going to miss that lazy cat.

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