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Two Italians

May 19, 2014

The line for subs stretched back four or five people deep.  At the front to one side were a trio of twenty-year olds, two girls and a guy, clad in sorority mixer t-shirts, tank tops, and boat shoes.  The guy looked bored as he readjusted his Costa sunglasses then stuck both hands into his burnt orange shorts embroidered with blue crabs.   He refused to speak and looked past the workers, allowing a thin perky blonde, who appeared to be his girlfriend, to conduct the business of constructing his lunch. A taller, thicker, awkward female friend stood next to them. Pigeon toed in black flip flops her toe nails were  the color of a robin’s eggs.  She wore a baggy white t-shirt and tugged on her long dirty blonde hair.

Behind the counter a trio of deli workers mirrored the three customers.  Aprons, hair nets, and clear plastic gloves provided them with a less stylish look.  One served the needs of an eldery man, the second a mother of two, while the third was at the beck and call of the three twenty-somethings.  Following the commands of his well heeled patrons he turned meat, cheeses, and toppings into beloved Pub subs.  White paper bags were packed with sandwiches and handed across to stoic looking faces that appeared to be in a rush to some more pleasing destination.

“Where are y’all headed today?” asked the short dark headed deli worker to the taller of the two women as he carefully arranged a handful of banana peppers.

“Dog Island. I don’t even know where that is,” she replied curtly while trying to select a bag of flavored kettle chips without letting her oversized sunglasses tumble from the top of her head.

“I do, it’s near St. George Island, real pretty down there. Y’all should have a beautiful day.”

Brushing the geography lesion aside she stood back up and moved a strand of hair from her face. “There was one more sandwich, an Italian. Do you know where it is?

“The Italian? Right here.”

“Right where? I don’t see another sandwich. Did she order it already?”

“Me. I’m an Italian, I can call my cousin if you need two,“ replied the man with a half smile.

Rolling her eyes she turned, walked off, and left. The man in the blue crab shorts and his blonde headed companion gave a condescending huff before walking away and leaving both Italians behind.

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  1. May 20, 2014 8:50 am

    I love observing people and Publix is a good place for it.

    • May 20, 2014 8:52 am

      Me too! These three were especially interesting.

      • May 20, 2014 10:12 am

        A LOT of college kids shop at my store and the deli line is always an interesting place. I am also always amazed at the lack of clothing some of these girls wear. I never thought myself to be prudish but now that I have kids, I find myself thinking, “Cover your ass, just a little bit.”

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